Episode 17

Published on:

10th Jun 2020

17. Thinking Creatively About Mental Health & Wellbeing | Mary Hoang

My guest this week is Mary Hoang. Mary is the head psychologist and founder of The Indigo Project, Australia's largest and most progressive psychology practice. Working as a psychologist for a youth charity early on in her career, Mary observed the stigma surrounding her profession often prevented young people who needed support from seeking it. Combining a creative approach to psychology, alongside a refreshing willingness to be open with her own struggles, Mary has helped open up the conversation about mental health and wellbeing. Through a combination of 1:1 therapy [including online sessions], workshops, events and online courses, Mary and the team at The Indigo Project help you “get your shit together”

In this episode we discuss:

-     Why it’s import to think creatively about mental health and wellbeing

-     How being vulnerable invites deeper connection

-     Why it was important to Mary to dismantle any hierarchy between therapist and client

-     Holistic approaches to mental health

-     Why finding your Purpose isn’t as difficult as you think

-     The role of music, dance, breathwork and meditation in helping us move from head to heart

-     Simple self-care practices that support human flourishing

-     How we can access more joy, awe and wonder

-     And so much more…

Books mentioned during this conversation: 

- Lost Connections - Johann Hari

- Phosphorescence On Awe, Wonder and Things That Sustain You When the World Goes Dark - Julia Baird

Finally, please remember if you’re currently going through a challenging time there is always someone you can speak to. The Samaritans UK are available 24/7 on 116 123. Your own GP is always another person you can speak to. The Indigo Project, although based in Australia, also offers online courses and Zoom therapy sessions.

Find out more about The Indigo Project: https://www.theindigoproject.com.au

Connect with Mary Hoang on Instagram: @maryhoangindigo

Please pop over and say hello at @holistichealingproject

Additionally, if you’re interested in my Holistic Healing Inner Circle membership head on over to: www.drlaurenmacdonald.com

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